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Founded in 1997, Wishtoyo Chumash Foundation is a Native-led 501(c)(3) community organization. "Wishtoyo" is the Chumash word for "rainbow" - as such, Wishtoyo serves as a "rainbow bridge" linking Chumash and First Nations culture, history, and lifeways to pressing issues of natural and cultural resource protection. Our integrated cultural-environmental approach enhances the wellbeing of communities by engaging in education, community mobilization, advocacy, restoration, scientific monitoring, and where necessary, legal action.

Wishtoyo works to preserve our state's deeply rooted Chumash heritage and empower the voices of First Nations Peoples locally and globally, so that we can create a world built on understanding and respect... respect for the places we live, for the land, water, and air that we depend upon, and for all living and non-living beings that support our existence.

Together with your friendship and support, we will continue to lead the fight to create this vision, for ourselves and for future generations. By joining the Wishtoyo family, you can count yourself among a movement that is working to create a better, healthier, and more inclusive world for the human family.

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